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State funds historically allocated to protecting and restoring critical conservation and restoration efforts will run dry unless voters pass the Water and Land Conservation Amendment.

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A coalition of interested citizens and groups who support the amendment, along with a wealth of information regarding this state fund and the amendment, can be found at Florida's Water and Land Legacy.

The Florida Water and Land Legacy Campaign brings together such environmental groups as the Trust for Public Land, Audubon Florida, the Florida Wildlife Federation, the Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy, 1000 Friends of Florida, Defenders of Wildlife, and a wide array of other conversation organizations and groups interested in preserving our natural resources, such as fishing and hunting coalitions.

The Water and Land Conservation Amendment

The amendment would take effect July 1, 2015. Under the amendment, the monies deposited into the Land Acquisition Trust Fund will remain separate from the State’s General Revenue Fund. The amendment would provide more than $5 billion for water and land conservation in Florida over the next ten years and $10 billion over the 20-year life of the measure, without any tax increase.

Under the amendment, Florida’s Land Acquisition Trust Fund would receive a guaranteed 33 percent of net revenues from the existing excise tax on documents. These funds would be dedicated to support financing or refinancing the acquisition and improvement of:

• Land, water areas, and related property interests and resources for conservation lands including wetlands, forests, and fish and wildlife habitat;

• Lands that protect significant water resources and drinking water sources, including lands protecting the water quality and quantity of rivers, lakes, streams, springsheds, and lands providing recharge for groundwater and aquifer systems;

• Lands in the Everglades Agricultural Area and the Everglades Protection Area, as defined in Section 7(b) of Article II of the Florida Constitution;

• Beaches and shores; outdoor recreation lands, including recreational trails, parks, and urban open space; rural landscapes; historic, archaeological, or geologic sites as well as management of lands acquired;

• Restoration of natural systems related to the enhancement of public access and recreational enjoyment; and

• Payment of the debt service on bonds issued pursuant to Article VII, Section 11(e) of the Florida Constitution.

You Can Help

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If you are interested in getting the amendment onto the November 2014 ballot, please complete this petition; mailing instructions are at the bottom of the form.

Florida's Water and Land Legacy Campaign is also seeking volunteers to gather signatures in order to get the amendment on the ballot.