This August, the Board of County Commissioners will meet in Key West to consider a request to change the land use category of the property known as the “Shrimp Farm” on Summerland Key. Neighbors were vocal in opposition at the Planning Commission meeting where the change was first heard. Planning Commission voted 5-0 to recommend BOCC deny the change.

Last Stand supports workforce and affordable housing projects when they are sited near employment centers, require minimal variances and otherwise comply with adopted provisions of the County Comprehensive Plan.

The requested change would result in this property, which currently has the lowest housing density per acre, having the highest density allowable. Last Stand feels that this project conflicts with the Lower Keys Livable Communikeys Plan, which is part of the Comprehensive Plan. While the developers insist that their project is in keeping with the LKLCP, the very residents living in the area, many of whom participated in the formulation of the plan, strongly disagree. This project would increase traffic and decrease public safety in an already congested area, is not in keeping with expressed community character, and will impact a natural area.

The Last Stand board will continue to monitor this request and speak at the Wednesday August 16,2017 meeting.