Last Stand has been protecting the Keys and it’s environs for 30 years. It’s time to celebrate! But, we also want your support in our efforts.

With its dedicated volunteer board, Last Stand has evolved over the years. We encourage you to become involved and tell us your opinions.

We also need your financial support. Our efforts for monitoring quality of life and the environment come at a cost. Legal activities also consume resources.

Issues such as the following are monitored continually.

o Affordable/Workforce housing
o Protection of water quality
o Community-focused development
o Everglades’ sustainability
o Policy and goals for Monroe County and Key West Comprehensive Plans
o Adherence to law, rule, and regulation

Our ativity and influence have costs, meaning considerable financial support must be raised for the following.

o Legal fund
o General costs
o Office (rent, supplies, phone/internet)
o Staffing (part-time)
o Website
o Education
o Workshops and forums
o Annual meeting/speaker (fees, travel, venue)
o Other outreach

Recently, the organization has had several ambitious and challenging years, with many notable successes and one disappointing loss. As our activity has increased, our substantial outlay has created some fiscal concern. We are looking to you to contribute as generously as you can.

So please join us as a supporter as we celebrate our 30 years of making a positive difference in the quality of life in the Florida Keys.