Committee Hearings are in process in the Florida Legislature prior to the opening of the 2018 session this coming January. Last Stand has adopted legislative priorities to protect the environment and quality of life for Monroe County as well as all of Florida.

  • Supporting Senate Bill 348 that would allow a local option for communities to regulate single use plastic bags.
    • In the Florida Keys plastic bags often litter the coast line, endangering wildlife and adding to the pervasive plastic pollution in the water.
  • Supporting legislation that would allow State Critical Areas of Concern to update regulations of vacation rentals.
    • Increasing demand for short term rentals following Hurricane Irma is having a significant impact on the availability of long term rentals for the Florida Keys workforce.
  • Supporting Senate Bill 370 that would increase Florida Forever funding from $0 to $100 million.
    • Florida Forever is used to acquire land for conservation, protecting environmentally special places. Historically $300 million per year has been used for this successful program.
  • Supporting Senate Bill 462 and House Bill 237 that would create a statewide ban on well stimulation – fracking for oil and gas.
    • Risk of pollution from toxic chemicals used in well stimulation and huge volumes of fresh water required for the fracking operations make banning this practice a wise choice for Florida’s future.