Last Stand board is endorsing a Yes Vote for the Key West March 13, 2018 special election. The ballot question is simple and straightforward. If approved, the city charter will be  amended as follows:

The maximum allowable height for habitable space on approximately 2.62 acres of City owned property on College Road in the HDR-1 zoning district shall be 40 feet for those projects that are devoted entirely to affordable workforce housing.

The commission agreed to add the bold, underlined language after considering Last Stand’s suggestion.

The board carefully evaluated the proposal for unintended consequences. The subject property is not within the Historic District, so any concerns there are satisfied. The structure will not block access to the ocean or views of other residential properties. The mayor and several commissioners assured us, in response to our concerns about using affordable housing allocations for the right income levels, that this site will be used for Low and Very Low income levels.

Because of the flood zone for this property, the first floor must be raised 11.5 feet. With a 25 foot maximum height in this location, there would only be a potential for one story of livable space. At 40 feet, Key West will be able to have two stories and fully utilize the number of units according to the density assigned to this location. With the proximity to jobs and public transportation, this project would provide affordable housing in the right place without burdening surrounding properties and neighborhoods.

Based on this evaluation, the board is endorsing a Yes Vote. We will continue to monitor developments for this project and provide input to make sure the intentions expressed by the commission are implemented when the development agreement is finalized.