July 13, 2020

Mayor Carruthers

Board of County Commissioners

RE:  July 2020 Agenda Item I.1 – 2019 Arterial Travel Time and Delay Study

Dear Commissioners:

The staff has submitted 3 options for your consideration regarding the 2019 Arterial Travel Time and Delay (ATTD) Study in preparation of the Biennial Assessment of Public Facilities Capacity Report.

Last Stand supports completing the Public Facilities Report with the 2019 ATTD Study as described in Option 1.

Last Stand does support the re-engagement of the US 1 Level of Service Task Force, but we cannot recommend Option 2.  As described, the effort to evaluate the Level of Service methodology does not include any opportunity for the public to have any input.  The advent of Webinar provides a means whereby the public can hear the Task Force discuss updates to the methodology and allow the public to offer questions and suggestions.  The ability to easily and cheaply allow the public to have a voice in something that directly impacts their daily lives can only be considered a positive move.

In conclusion, please use the opportunity to have a public outreach meeting via Webinar if you vote to re-engage the US 1 Level of Service Task Force

Thank you,

The Last Stand Board