July 13, 2020

Mayor Carruthers

Board of County Commissioners

RE:  July 2020 Agenda Item L. 1 – Feasibility of a Toll in Monroe County

Dear Commissioners:

On June 21, 2017, Last Stand sent a letter (as seen in attachment L.1.c.) to the Board supporting a feasibility study for establishing toll lanes for non-residents. The letter requested that the revenues generated would be used for the protection and improvement of water quality and to support infrastructure to mitigate climate change.

Today, Last Stand reaffirms its position and believes that any potential toll road revenues be ONLY used for these two items.  The need for improving our water quality continues and the draft Army Corps study clearly shows that hardening our County from sea level rise is extremely costly.

While there are many areas that funds are needed, Last Stand encourages you to focus any potential revenues from a toll road on these two long term efforts. A dedicated funding source is crucial in funding these costly endeavors.

Thank you,

The Last Stand Board