March 16, 2021

Via Email

Mayor Michelle Coldiron
Commissioner David Rice
Commissioner Craig Cates
Commissioner Mike Forster
Commissioner Eddie Martinez

Re:      Agenda Item N10 – Preemptive Legislation


Dear Mayor Coldiron and Monroe County Commissioners:

The board of directors of Last Stand is in support of Commissioner Cates’ resolution requesting the state oppose SB 426 and HB 267. This legislation would override the voters of Key West who were very clear in their choice to limit the size of cruise ships coming to their port.

Concern for the health of the waters that surround our island county is front and center in the public discourse. Federal, state and local tax dollars have been spent in the billions to reverse the pollution we experience here in the Florida Keys. The residents of Key West have expressed their resolve to restore the water quality of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary waters as well as minimize the impacts of too many visitors.  Last Stand supported the referenda when it appeared on the ballot and continues to support the initiative.

Please support their vote and help repair our compromised environment by voting yes on Commissioner Cates’ resolution urging members of the Florida legislature to support home rule authority for counties and cities and to oppose SB 426 and HB 267.

For the Last Stand Board,

D.A. Aldridge, President