April 27, 2021

Via Email: aguila-ilze@monroecounty-fl.gov

Ilze Aguila
Sr. Coordinator Planning Commission
Marathon Government Center
2798 Overseas Highway, Suite 400
Marathon, FL  33050

Re:       Comments by Last Stand for Development Review Committee Meeting, 4-27-21
            Applicant:  Florigan Group, LLC (aka Capt. Hook’s Dive Center/Strike Zone Charters) (File #2019-233)

Dear Ms. Aguila:

Last Stand opposes changes requested by Florigan Group, LLC to the applicable 1996/2004 Major Conditional Use permit and urges all provisions of the 1996 Settlement Agreement remain in force, as written.  Our objections are based upon fairness, consistency, and maintaining protections of the law.  Granting the requested changes would change community character, compromise public safety and adversely impact the federally listed endangered Florida Key deer.

Throughout Monroe County, residents and property owners need to be able to rely on the protections afforded by established regulations, in this case the 1996/2004 Major Conditional Use permit and the 1996 Settlement Agreement.   Residents and property owners deserve the legally defined quiet enjoyment of their property and protection of their investment-backed expectations, based on assurances contained in the Major Conditional Use permit and the Settlement Agreement.

The Florigan Group’s property occupies a unique location:  it shares a canal with single-family residences; the shared canal lacks a turnaround basin; egress from Ship’s Way on to US 1 is already problematic, without additional commercial traffic; and endangered Key deer are present in the area.

While Florigan Group’s wishes to expand the scope of its business to maximize its profit potential are understandable, the rights of residential neighbors on the shared canal must be acknowledged, maintained, and respected.  If the requested changes were to be allowed, both community character and public safety would be adversely affected, thereby breaching public trust.  If the requested changes were to be allowed, a damaging precedent would be established.

Last Stand urges denial of requested changes by Florigan Group, LLC to the Major Conditional Use permit and any amendment to the Settlement Agreement.

For the Last Stand Board,

D.A. Aldridge, President


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