October 9, 2021

Via Email

Mayor Michelle Coldiron
Commissioner David Rice
Commissioner Craig Cates
Commissioner Holly Raschein
Commissioner Eddie Martinez

Re:      Draft Transportation Master Plan

Dear Mayor and Monroe County Commissioners:

Last Stand has reviewed this document and would like to submit comments on the specific projects identified in the Plan.  These comments are attached.

In addition, two board members spoke with Commissioner Rice on two items which we feel are not fully discussed or ignored in the Plan. These items are:

    • County Road 905A and the intersection of County Road 905 & US 1. As one of the two evacuation routes during an emergency, Last Stand recommends that the County perform a traffic and road study of CR 905A to ensure that this route is in a condition to handle the high demand during a hurricane evacuation. Flooding during heavy rains, lack of pullover areas, and lack of stable shoulders raise questions about the adequacy of this route. The County’s biannual Arterial Travel and Time Study focuses only on US 1 to monitor the Level of Service being provided and ignores this essential route.

At a recent BOCC public meeting regarding traffic access to Loquat Drive, the BOCC decided to close Loquat Drive to traffic from CR 905, preventing that Drive from being used as a “shortcut” around a long line of traffic waiting to enter US 1 at the end of CR 905. This change has increased the long line of backup traffic on CR 905 trying to enter south US 1.  The Draft Plan proposes that a study should be conducted to identify improvements at this intersection (#130).  Last Stand recommends that this proposed project should be recommended by the BOCC to FDOT but rather than a mid-term implementation schedule, it should be a short-term or immediate study of the intersection.

    • One topic not discussed in the Draft Plan that directly impacts many residents and that adds delay to their commute is trying to enter US 1 (particularly at the areas where it is only two lanes) from a side street. This wait can be long when trying to make a left turn which requires crossing one lane in front of oncoming traffic to meld with the traffic in the opposite direction. Too often long waits lead to drivers pulling out and causing accidents. Last Stand recommends that the BOCC requests the FDOT to study and install traffic or road devices that would assist drivers in their ability to enter US 1.

Thank you,

For the Last Stand Board,


cc:       Emily Schemper (via email: Schemper-Emily@monroecounty-fl.gov)