March 26, 2022

Mayor David Rice
Commissioner Craig Cates
Commissioner Michelle Coldiron
Commissioner Jim Scholl
Commissioner Holly Raschein

RE: Thurmond Street Partners, LLC v. Monroe County, Florida

Dear Mayor and County Commissioners,

Last Stand writes in support of the Key Largo Federation and other residents of the Florida Keys in their expectation that the County will defend its zoning regulations.

For the past five years, residential neighborhoods on Key Largo have had to tolerate the amplified noise emanating from two residentially-zoned properties which are operating as commercial wedding venues. Last Stand supports the County in its Code Compliance efforts and encourages the BOCC to persistently pursue the appeal in the Thurmond situation so as to produce a ruling that favors the County.

For decades, Last Stand has been a staunch advocate for quality-of-life issues in the Keys and sees this issue as having a detrimental effect on the quality of life for all residential neighborhoods.  Further, we believe the illegal actions of Thurmond Street Partners, if unchecked, have real potential to spread and impact more and more neighborhoods up and down our island chain.

Thank you for your efforts to uphold our Land Use Codes. Please stay the course and see this important litigation through to a successful outcome for the Key Largo neighbors and all residents of the Florida Keys.


Ann Olsen,
For the Board of Last Stand