Regular Donations

Last Stand operating funds come from membership dues, donations, and grants.  Our membership dues pay for only a minority of our no-frills operating budget.  Over 70% (more than $35,000 annually) has to be found through donations, grants, and other sources.  Last Stand is the recipient of some grants, but donations are the primary tool for paying for our operating expenses.


Memberships:  For renewing memberships or joining as a member, please visit our membership page.  Thank you!

These donations allow our all-volunteer Board of Directors to spend their time focusing on our mission to preserve the Keys’ quality of life and delicate ecosystem.  Directors remain informed and educate policy makers and citizens on a wide array of issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • nurturing a stable economy based on sustainable tourism
  • the creation of public parks
  • environmental protection and sensible land-use planning
  • working for cleaner water and clean-ups on land
  • the promotion of livable and affordable neighborhoods
  • minimizing military impacts in the National Marine Sanctuary
  • keeping oil drilling out of the keys
  • helping ensure fair and open government.

In order to continue doing this, we need to appeal to all of you for your donations.  Your donation, whether ten or ten-thousand dollars, will be more than repaid to you in the protection and enhancement of life in the Keys that you enjoy.

Your donations are tax-exempt; we are a 501(c)(3) organization.  Thank you!

Directed Giving

How can you further Last Stand’s mission and not have to worry about it after you’ve made your initial decision?

Directed giving is the answer.  During your lifetime or in your will you can make a charitable donation that names Last Stand as the beneficiary of your contribution.  With this type of donation you have several options that you can tailor to your specific situation.

James McLernan Endowment for Last Stand

The James McLernan Endownment for Last Stand is managed through the Community Foundation of the Florida Keys (CFFK.)  James McLernan was a friend of last stand, and established this endownment prior to his death in 2005.  Starting with just $25,000 several years ago, this endownment has grown to well over $100,000 due to generous contributions and the financial management of the CFFK.

Making a one-time contribution can be done online; simply note the dollar amount and be sure to select the James McLernan Endownment for Last Stand as the fund recipient.   Funds are professionaly managed to exist in perpetuity; you can have confidence that your donation will keep keep on giving.  Donations are tax deductible.

Your Own Charitable Trust

Create your own charitable Trust which you then fund, with distributed income designated for Last Stand as the beneficiary.  The positive benefits of doing this are that you can exercise virtually complete control over your contribution while realizing a tax saving.  Unfortunately creating your own trust can be a reasonably costly endeavor and may potentially require your ongoing involvement.  Trust law is constantly changing; please consult a certified public accountant or other qualified financial professional to ensure that this the right choice for you.

Legacy Donations


A legacy donation is made through your will where you name Last Stand as a beneficiary of either a specific amount of cash or real property (stocks or real estate.)  In this case you can either make your charitable donation directly to Last Stand which will then manage the proceeds from your donation, create your own endowment, or arrange for funds to be contributed to the existing James McLernan Endowment for Last Stand.  Your estate will have potential tax savings.