2022 Treasurer’s Report

Click this link to download the current Last Stand form 990-EZ

Last Stand is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, incorporated under the name Protect Key West and the Florida Keys.  Financial information about the organization, reported to the IRS annually on Form 990, is available to the public.

Contributions made to Last Stand are tax deductible.

Last Stand’s volunteer Board of Directors provides oversight and determines the direction of the organization, carefully using funds only when necessary and where they will be most effective.

The majority of the work done by Last Stand is performed by volunteers, both directors and members.  Last Stand employs only one part time staff member as an Executive Coordinator, maintains a modest physical office in Key West, and sustains an online presence.  Administrative expenses are minimal.

Major program expenditures include legal action, hiring environmental consultants to conduct issue-specific research and reports, and conducting educational forums.


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