What We Do


Last Stand works with policy makers, advocacy groups, and residents in order to fulfill our mission.  Last Stand directors and members keep abreast of current and upcoming issues that affect the Keys and those that live here.  We review agendas of public meetings, prepare public statements, attend policy and planning meetings at local municipality and county levels, and keep aware of how state and federal actions may affect Monroe County.

The Last Stand Mission: Last Stand has been organized to promote, preserve, and protect the quality of life in the city of Key West, the Florida Keys and their environs, with particular emphasis on the natural environment.

We attempt to effect positive changes to our quality of life and environment by educating residents and decision makers as to the full consequences of their actions.  Whenever possible we do this using a cooperative, non-adversarial approach, always attempting to reach consensus by building coalitions of like-minded groups and individuals to support reasoned positions.  When necessary Last Stand will pursue legal actions to accomplish its mission.

The Last Stand Board of Directors meets every two weeks to discuss current events and make decisions on where and how to focus our efforts and resources.  The frequency of our meetings is driven by different types of municipal and county meetings.

Members of Last Stand are welcome at Last Stand’s Board of Directors meetings.  Dates, times, and places of meetings are listed on our Events page.

If you are not a member, but interested in attending a Board of Directors meeting, please Contact Us.

Please visit the Our Stands page to review specific issues of concern affecting the Keys and its residents, and Last Stand’s position on each.